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but i have an 8-year-old bottle of this that i just replaced, and the leather, olive leaf, and tobacco have been dropped right out of the bottom--it feels like the top half of the fragrance only. In my humble opinion, Armani code is a strong masculine scent.

Seductive, provocative and sexy warm masculine scent with crispy lemon zest and a bit of sweetness.I can imagine it on both - young and a mature guy too.There's simply something for both of the generations in it.I find this a lot more lovable than Armani's wildly popular Acqua di Gio. It's very sad to hear that the new formulation isn't as good, as this one is so lovely and unique.It's a little more sensual (without waxing scandalous), a little more cuddly and mischievous. It has a softness that I have not encountered in any other fragrance, and has nothing "high-pitched" about it, which I feel many other women’s fragrances have.

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To some it may be plain and generic, but the one of a kind smoothness and softness of it makes it feel so luxurious in a low-key and muted way.