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Further Reading: Aquarium Disease Prevention Please click to enlarge for a better view.

This of course is a simplification, so please read the ENTIRE article along with cited references for a better understanding so as to make a more educated decision of whether a true high dwell time UV Sterilizer is for you or maybe just a Clarifier or nothing at all!

(4) Effect of UV Sterilization on minerals, chemicals, etc.

(5) What size is best (6) UV Examples & installation tips Including: Mounting; (Horizontal or Vertical) (7) What is a Quality UV (NOT HOB) (8) Maintenance (Bulbs, Ballasts, etc.) (9) Is Too Large a UV Sterilizer a Problem (10) Facts/Myths about UV-C Sterilization (11) Other Uses for UV-C (12) Summary (13) Rebuttal to a False Information about UV Sterilizers (14) Complete UV Sterilization Articles Download (15) Basic UV Installation Video using Power Head By Carl Strohmeyer-PAMR 35 years experience Updated 10/6/17 This first picture to the left demonstrates the anti-oxidizing abilities of a true level one capable UV Sterilizer utilizing a HO UVC Lamp (note that the majority of lamps sold now are medium pressure UV lamps with 1/4 the UVC output).

UVA and UVB that can reach the Earths surface are primarily non-ionizing and do not have enough energy to ionize atoms.

As well the use of UVC Sterilization is useful in home, office, hospital air purification & even UVC/Redox Blood therapy.

For this reason a properly installed & designed High Dwell Time 'TRUE' UV Sterilizer helps improves a fish chances in fighting bacterial diseases or even parasitic diseases such as Ich that UV Sterilization is less effective in destroying directly .

A Little Background: I started using UV Sterilizers in 1977 (I have been in the hobby since 1968), and started experimenting with these devices in 1978.

This includes designing my own to experiment with theories to explain certain results.

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To the extreme, even shorter wavelength/higher frequency photons are the commonly known X-Rays and Gamma rays.

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