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Soon you too will be pronouncing words in Russian and learning about the Russian culture.

to meet new friends in Taiwan and Asia and practice your Chinese, English, or other languages.

Most financial documents/statements have the most important number at or near the bottom.

Income statements have the net income on the bottom line.

As suggested in the comments, perhaps it refers only to "the last line of a profit and loss account," which the OED definition refers to as a "later" variant of the sense attested in 1831.

Because the definition in Etymonline is so brief and doesn't provide a citation for its 1967 attestation, I find it difficult to pin down where they came up with that date, and I would argue that the dates and citations provided in The Etymonline phrase "the final figure after both are calculated" suggests that profit is calculated and so is loss.

The internet has provided everyone with opportunities to break down cultural barriers without having to travel.

bottom line (n.) figurative sense is attested from 1967, from profit-and-loss accounting, where the final figure after both are calculated is the bottom line on the page.

With the help of English Russian translation services communication will definitely take place.

When you take the time to chat with Russian girls online you will be surprised how easy and fun it is.

Of course, if you are looking for a romantic language exchange, you can find this too.

Etymology questions are better received if you edit the question to include what research you've done so far. However, I don't think the question should be closed.

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