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When it comes to snus, REAL Snus comes from Sweden. Please read this article to learn the difference for yourself.

Recently, I began hearing words about ads for a new Marlboro "snus" and a new Skoal "SNUS" product to be released in 2011.

Rather new are slim portions, which have an optimized fit and count as large portions. Portion snus comes in two main types - original portion and white portion.

Original portion snus, sometimes also called Brown portion snus, is being moistened once the portions are filled and has a faster flavor release.

Well, being the inquisitive person I am, I felt the need to dig as deeply into this as possible.

Their most famous brand is General snus, which is available in a large number of variations, amongst others General Loose, General Extra Strong Loose, General Portion, General White Portion, General Strong White Portion, General Extra Strong Portion, General White Wintergreen Portion, General White Mint Portion, General G.3 Slim Extra Strong, General G.3 Slim White Extra Strong - plus several Mini Portion variations.

Over recent decades though, snus has become very popular all over the world and one of the reasons might be the growing number of reports proposing that snus might not be as dangerous as smoking or even other forms of smokeless tobacco. Snus also is spit free, in contrast to American snuff, Copenhagen Long Cut, Skoal smokeless tobacco, Timberwolf snuff or other brands of American smokeless tobacco.

Swedish snus comes in mainly two different styles, loose-weight snus and portion-packed snus.

These are easy to use and perfect if you haven’t tried snus before.

Portion snus comes in three sizes - mini, large and maxi, with large portions being the most common.

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