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Francis Mallmann is the reigning star of food television in the Spanish-speaking world, and the most famous and popular chef in South America. Peter Kaminsky is the author and coauthor of many books, including Pig Perfect, Culinary Intelligence, Seven Fires and Mallmann on Fire (with Francis Mallmann), and Charred and Scruffed (with Adam Perry Lang).His restaurants include Siete Fuegos at The Vines Resort & Spa in Argentina’s wine country; Patagonia Sur in Buenos Aires; El Garzón in Uruguay; and 1884 Restauranté in Mendoza, Argentina (named one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants). He is a longtime contributor to Food & Wine and a former columnist for The New York Times and New York magazine. 08/18/2014One hundred solid recipes for the outdoor grill and griddle provide counterweight to Mallmann’s ethereal musings of his global travels in this follow-up to 2009’s Seven Fires.A celebrity in South America, with three restaurants and numerous television appearances on his CV, the chef professes that his life has always been about the “passionate encounter between wanderlust and cooking.” Thus, he writes of the lessons learned and fires lit in Paris, New York, Brazil, Uruguay, and Patagonia, at times with a poetic sensibility that could stand a little more wander and a little less lust (“I adore the way everybody has lovers.The French don’t talk about it too much; it is too serious and too beautiful.”) His Parisian training in the kitchen is reflected in several of the entrees ,including côte de boeuf and gratin of potatoes with emmental wrapped in Bayonne ham, but it is clear that his influences are broadly based.We encounter legs of lamb and chicken hung from strings, coal-roasted delicata squash, roasted herbs, a parrillada of many fish, and all sorts of griddled and charred meats, vegetables, and fruits, plus rustic desserts cooked on the chapa and baked in wood-fired ovens. K.) have named his restaurants among the top 10 places to eat in the world.At every stop along the way there is something delicious to eat and a lesson to be learned about slowing down and enjoying the process, not just the result. Most recently, Mallmann was the subject of the Netflix documentary series Chef’s Table.

Once you’ve cooked in the woods (and no, coffee in a Jetboil doesn’t count), Mallmann swears you’ll never go back to those mush-in-a-pouch meals that many of us resort to in the backcountry.

There, guests will have a chance to sip current release wines from more than 100 wineries, nibble on bites from dozens of Napa Valley’s talented chefs and food purveyors and sample —and bid on—100 unique lots of Napa Valley’s highly touted 2013, 20 vintages straight from the barrel.

To register for Auction Napa Valley, the NVV’s annual community fundraiser and the wine world’s most well-known charity event, visit Chef Mallmann's Tournedos Wrapped in Bacon and Sage Recipe Chef Mallmann's Burnt Carrots with Goat Cheese, Parsley, Arugula and Crispy Garlic Chips Recipe About Chef Francis Mallmann Mallmann is considered South America’s most celebrated and beloved chef.

Growing up in Patagonia on a cliff overlooking Lago Moreno, fire played a major role in his childhood and the memories that help define him and his cooking techniques today.

When he was just nineteen, Chef Mallmann opened his first restaurant in Bariloche, Argentina where he began to gain loyal supporters.

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