Dating horse shoes

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Dating horse shoes

Epona had a counterpart in Britain, Rhiannon, so the Uffington white horse may have been cut by adherents of a cult of the horse-goddess to be worshipped in religious ceremonies.

Others believe it may have been the emblem of a local tribe, and have been cut as a totem or badge marking their land.

Our view of wonders like this is clouded by our belief that we are modern and smart while they are primitive and simple, that's just our ego, they were as smart and complex as we are.

Some historians believe the figure represents a horse goddess connected with the local Belgae tribe, others believe it is Celtic goddess Epona, protector of horses, while an alternative theory suggests it is not a horse at all but the mythical dragon slain by Saint George.

Oxfordshire, the region in which the figure is found, and its neighbouring county of Wiltshire, are home to many white horse hill figures.

The prehistoric White Horse of Uffington is one of the oldest hill figures in Britain, and is believed to have inspired the creation of all the other white horse hill figures in the region.

Mystery abounds the creation of the White Horse – who made it, when and why?

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