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The United States had entered the war on December 7, 1941, following the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Within days of leaving for induction into the army at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis, Schulz’s mother, Dena, died at the age of 50.

He began submitting his cartoon art for publication to magazines and even applied to work for Walt Disney.

Charles attended the D Street School just a few blocks down the street from their home.

Dena had been ill for several years at this point, and likely succumbed to cervical cancer.

He was assigned to Company B in the Eighth Armored Battalion of the Twentieth Armored Infantry Division.

Charles Schulz’s life-long passion for ice hockey began with informal games played during his boyhood in the Twin Cities.

Schulz and his friends would play on the backyard outside when it iced over in the winter, and also inside the house, with a little creative play by his grandmother Sophie Halverson.

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Schulz spent nearly two years at Camp Campbell training as a machine gunner.

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