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This unusual occurrence was reported in the news and has led many people to want to learn more about this beautiful Carmelite foundress.

They would sparkle merrily and light up with pleasure, and she could make her nuns laugh gayly too. Mother Therese ~ Foundress 1.1 Mother and Prioress 1.2 Her Charity 2.Early Years of Mother Therese 2.1 Her Childhood 2.2 Divine Seal 2.3 School Years 2.4 Her Fidelity 2.5 Desire to be a Religious 3. Founding 1st Calced Carmel in America 4.1 Canoncal Commission 4.2 Arrival on American Soil 5. Book on the Life of Mother Therese BOOK ON LIFE OF MOTHER THERESE In August 2001, the remains of Mother Therese of Jesus, O.Mother Therese enjoyed these little festivities and entered into them with a simplicity and a joyfulness that delighted her spiritual children.Unfailingly she had "surprise" for them too on such occasions, when she would herself prepare beforehand some little dainties or extra refreshments, different from the routine food, so that these happy events were sought after and eagerly looked forward to by all with child-like anticipation.

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Should the occasion prove an appropriate one, she would even remind them of Purgatory, and that it was far better to suffer a little here than to make expiation in the next life.