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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your ........... Wednesdays was adult night and then more sessions on the weekends. Wednesday nights isn't great for timing, the weekend is better but then you get lots of kids. Well folks London is a little far for me seeing as I'm in Brampton.

I used to work at skateland in london as a teenager, when roller skates had 4 wheel on each skate and these weird things called ball bearings, look in your history book for that one..oh i know this makes me a HUGE dweeb but i'd be in for a roller skating nite in a minute. lolmight even throw on the roller blades that have been used once and hiding in my trunk ever since!! OMG Stirfried, you mean we've known each other since then? the OP and I both worked there later when it was Roller Palace... tried showing my kids how to do it a couple of months go .... Let me know so I can dust my skates off It's still open to the best of my knowledge. But I'd love to meet everyone on a Thursday night at Scooters in Mississauga if anyone else is game.

The better of these should go in the ear and finger slots.

I don’t recommend getting the Do N augs, although I have listed some of them below; there are better things (weapon augs) to spend your crystals on. (LDo N) Intricate Wooden Figurine 20/25, depending on class.

Well, that was my thinking, and I was quite enjoying my pub dates by nice, hot fires, until Paul suggested…skating. There’s the expectation that it will be lovely and romantic and, as you walk up to the rink, you are briefly fooled.

And that is where the nightmare begins – how do you even get on the rink to start with?

Once you manage to scramble on, everything changes.

I’m going to ignore raid augs, as most people in that situation will be heading for the level 85 set from the class boards ASAP, and won’t be interested in this sort of information.

These augs should all be soloable/duoable at the suggested levels, although a couple are given at their recommended level and would need help to get at that level.

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After a couple of drinks, I made Paul promise that we would never have to go ice skating again.