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****** I took a gander at every issue of The Landmark for the past 12 months for our annual year-in-review series that starts this week.

After doing so, I recommend Greg Sager for Magician of the Year. Sager is the now-former public works director for Platte County.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still wear full gear everyday, in part because these days there is no such thing as routine police interaction with the public.

But mostly because I think I would rock that bulletproof vest.

“I think LC’s having a drive-through will help them attract court personnel and other customers who are short on time for lunch.” ****** And then came this comment: “Let’s hope the city inspector doesn’t screw up a February opening date for LC’s.

Cities, as if it's some governmental rite of passage, typically increase salaries every time they’ve ripped 12 pages off the wall calendar at City Hall, so no telling where the police chief’s salary might be by the time the sheriff hits that ,000 mark.Apparently the city inspector has a reputation for being a bit over the top on occasion.****** Speaking of popular restaurants, the owner of Stone Canyon Pizza locations in downtown Parkville and at Zona Rosa is stepping away as an elected alderman at Parkville after less than a year on the job.Chrisman is one of my favorite local characters to speak with--in fact he would make a great guest on our Landmark Live show--so this is not anything to be interpreted as negative toward him.Chrisman seems to really enjoy what appears from this chair to be a low-stress job.

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After thinking about this for a bit, my answer is our friend Kevin Chrisman, police chief at Parkville.