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" Michele on the Ganga came to a small village, tried unsuccessfully to get any answers, but this took 4 hours also.

Which she did, easily and with a visual of her on her paddleboard!The next day was another press conference at an Indian Medical Association meeting where Michele presented.At least 35 male journalists asked her questions and listed in rapt attention to her.Mind you this woman who had huge worries about snakes in the river and scarcely saw a one, but many a human corpse, got the willies as the pinkish snake was put on her!Off to Delhi, only a 3 hour delay of the flight, and a whirlwind next and final day with 5 back to back interviews, another doctor's conference, and one last interview.

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But since I didn't get that call it was a knock on my door at nine this am by Ashok saying, "I have a boat, let's go look for them at 2! The Ganga river this morning was totally, completely fogged in and even this afternoon was very hazy.