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Every year, thousands of Chinese women pay for an operation to restore their hymens shortly before their wedding so that husbands can see blood on the sheets on their honeymoon night.Brides-to-be who cannot afford the 4,400 yuan operation (about 0) can walk into one of China’s 200,000 sex shops or go online to buy a cheap artificial hymen that seeps artificial blood when punctured.The 1960s revolutions were all about personal freedom, doing your own thing, being able to stand up to authority and criticize it, and being defiant — and sexuality was a part of that.You began to have nudity on Broadway shows, and pornography became a big part of society as it became legalized.So that was something I really had no idea about — how much homosexuality permeated the culture.

Some members were very liberal, but others were reactionary.

They even had some of China’s great works of erotic literature destroyed.

What happened next was the nationalists and then Mao took over.

RB: You can trace the evolution of sexual attitudesow back to kind of open again.

Within different dynasties, China became very conservative with the influence of neo-Confucianists, especially during the Qing dynasty — the last dynasty — when prostitution and homosexuality was outlawed.

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All of the brothels were methodically closed, and the prostitutes were reintegrated into society doing other work. People began to wear that gender neutral Maoist clothing.

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