Wrxp online dating

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Wrxp online dating

They are paid for by advertisers, who are willing to spend thousands of dollars per minute in order to reach the large number of people who listen to the show on FM and AM.Those advertisers are the sole means of support for the radio show (as they are for most of the TV shows on the air today)..they have not, thus far, been willing to support Internet radio in the same way.Dear Listeners, During the past few years many people have told me how much they have enjoyed hearing the Dr. People have found the show online in several ways -- by accessing the streamed signals of a few of our FM and AM affiliates, by using our "Listen To This" feature at Dr Demento.com, and by accessing various websites that offer pirated copies of our shows without authorization.For many listeners, these Internet sources seem like a godsend, especially in areas where the show can no longer be heard on FM or AM radio.

However, in the industry's desperate need to charge for every single use, they're effectively killing off yet another wonderful promotional vehicle.

Join the Demento Online Clubs crusade for better, mind numbing ear-candy while enjoying MAD MUSIC and CRAZY COMEDY right to your home via the Internet. Demento presents a NEW show each week, commercial free from the fabulous studio close to the famous "Smogberry trees." Find your favorite shows from the past and present, most available in high quality 96Kbps stereo, or 128Kbps stereo for more recent additions! Demento..man who discovered "Weird Al" Yankovic..man who taught a whole generation "Fish Heads," "Dead Puppies" and "Existential Blues"..scholar/entertainer who draws from one of the largest music collections in the solar system, and almost every known kind of music, to put together a new extravaganza of Mad Music and Crazy Comedy for your pleasure every single weekend!

Explore the frontiers of musical humor with the latest funny songs..will soon be able to relive the secret pleasures of the 1970s, 80s and 90s..wrapped up in that fearless free-for-all that is the one and only Dr. You can stream entire shows, in stereo, for only per show.

Plus you get a newsletter subscription and a discount coupon..this year's kit also includes a totally delicious surprise!

The new package is just .95 plus .95 shipping. Membership Kit CORRECTION: CD booklet notes for DEMENTIA 2000 (Dr. In Jack's words, "We are STILL MARRIED, STILL TOGETHER, still writing, recording, and performing! " I sincerely apologize for this error, which was due to incorrect information found in an otherwise reliable country music encyclopedia.

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Sincerely, Dr Demento For a limited time, we are still shipping the 2006 Demento Society membership kit.

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