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They talk to the guardians and learn how children spend their time at home.

It is extremely important for the staff members to understand children’s living environments because the roots of many issues lie in the home.

We also believe that music inspires, music brings life to us, no matter the situation we are facing.

We use music to enhance the lives of the youth involved in our program.

In Uganda alone 1.9 million children, or 10% of its population, have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS.

Once these children lose their parents, many of them drop out of school and are forced to work.

(MULIA) It is a foundation which is community based in Uganda – Africa.

At MULIA, we believe life’s challenges, struggles, accomplishments and celebrations can be conveyed in music.

Bamasaba Cultural Performers also featured Steptv/FM radio in the Football Christmas Cup in the east.Bamasaba Cultural Performers have the best Kadodi and Imbalu dance of bugisu.Slogan is speaking Drum Music For Life Africa Foundation.When Ashinaga first visited Uganda in 2000, it was clear how desperately these children needed emotional and educational support.This led Ashinaga to establish Ashinaga Uganda, a local NGO, in November 2001 and to open the Uganda Rainbow House (URH) in 2003.

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Through the URH, Ashinaga provides the following assistance to some 800 registered children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.